Anax Elite was founded so that businesses could find a winning partner to take their marketing to new heights. Our goal is simple, bring more small business owners to our client's services. Not a few, not hundreds, thousands. By doing this, not only does our company thrive, but our staff grows tremendously. When a business is growing, the opportunity is endless.



Success in business is determined by a lot of factors. Growth and the retention of that growth are key factors for the future of any business. Anax Elite is a one-stop-shop for large clientele looking to acquire new business class customers; a trusted, outsourced resource for businesses looking to find growth and retain the progress they've already achieved.



We represent our clients' brands with integrity and ethical business practices.


Our team is comprised of hardworking individuals with a strong drive for success.


Anax Elite builds quality relationships with every business owner we meet..


Anax Elite delivers speedy results and guarantees a 100% return on investment.


Business is very simple; acquire great customers and keep them happy. In today's world, the most effective way to do this has been lost by some. At Anax Elite, we believe in simple relationship building with customers.


The most effective way to market a company or product is by creating a relationship

with the customer and presenting information so that the decision they make is their own.


We are a dominant market leader, and our top-tier clients represent some of the world’s most recognized brands, covering many different industries, including wireless, telecommunications, cable, internet, office products, merchant services, and energy.


A few things we love about our clients are:


  • Most competitive in their industry

  • Integrity & people-driven.

  • They match our work ethic.



Our philosophy is that in order to manage a campaign for a client, you must first have a thorough understanding of how our campaigns work at every level. To achieve this goal, all candidates begin with field training. Here they will master the sales model and learn invaluable skills such as strengthened communication abilities, providing customer service, time management, discipline, and face to face sales presentations





In this position, we will focus heavily on leadership and management development. In this phase, candidates are taught the principles of true leadership by example. The skills taught at this phase include how to effectively manage a campaign and sales team, multitasking, interviewing, training, and data entry.




As an assistant manager candidates will be coached in human resources, administration, business finance, client relations, operations, and the general day to day of running a fast-paced marketing company. This training is essential to move into a management position.




Winter and summer internships are available year-round. An intern has the opportunity to get all the hands-on experience any other employee will have, doing everything from sales to marketing research. The high performing candidates are invited for full-time employment upon graduation.


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